Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Internet Viral Marketing With A Twist That Pays 100% Commission!

Internet Marketing Guru
Defies All Internet Marketing Rules
He Does Not Capture A Name or Email Address
Gives His Affiliates 100% Commission
Gives Away The Product Free &
Still Makes Money!

Harvey Segal came up with the most ingenious method of giving away absolutely Free an ebook that describes how to make money online through viral marketing. *TAKE NOTE OF THIS BIT: Harvey breaks all the rules that the Internet gurus tell you to do when setting up an Internet business. The biggest rule break and cardinal Internet sin he commits is that he doesn’t even try to capture your name and email address when you download his Free viral marketing ebook. I expect you're thinking how then can he build a list of subscribers or make any money?

Well, you'll have to download the Free ebook to find out. But, suffice it to say, how Harvey and the affiliates all make money is amazing. Remember as an affiliate you get 100% commission. The twist on his viral marketing method is pure genious.

The ebook itself is an example of viral marketing and explains how viral marketing is the best method to multiply your money and continually receive a residual income.

This type of viral marketing spreads like wild fire and never stops!

Not only is this ebook Free but it’s a good read on the subject of viral marketing.

It details the viral plan in plain and simple English. You will learn how to sell any product, how to drive truck loads of traffic to your site, how to boost your conversion rate, how to rebrand a product and of course, the viral marketing twist that allows you and Harvey to make money. You will be as fascinated as I was at the ingenuity of the method...

· It’s a great introduction to viral marketing in general.
· The viral marketing plan he talks about is powerful – so powerful, that you get 100% of the sales of the all the products that you’ll find in ebook
· It doesn’t stop there. You will also receive a residual income from all the backend products and will build a huge list of future prospects.

& Download Your Free Copy
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the book is in PDF format -
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And keep a watch out
I predict this will be a powerful new way to sell!